What a lot to report!

Well, we've been so busy recently with such a lot of amazing events taking place at Garswood.

At the start of this week there were some very peculiar goings on - with silver boxes and potatoes scattered across the playground. It was only when the boxes were opened that the truth was revealed. Each class has their very own Mr Potato Head Vader that has arrived from outer space! Not only did the event inspire some amazing writing but the 'Vader Taters' will now be the prop for a race 'to space'! Racing to win the face parts to make Vader Tater fully complete. Parts can be earned by superb playground behaviour - not least lining up and walking into school in an orderly and calm manner. We'll all look like Storm Troopers in an effort to impress our Vaders!


The week did not stop there. We welcomed a truly amazing and inspirational visitor to Garswood - Korky Paul. I'm sure we have all read and enjoyed Winnie the Witch Books and they were certainly always a favourite of mine - particularly because of the superb illustrations. Therefore  - to meet the illustrator - what a dream come true! Children engaged with his tales and were mesmerized by his amazing work. We were lucky enough to keep some illustrations to display in school.


In addition Y6 got to sing with thousands of other children at the MEN arena as part of Young Voices. This large scale event is not only a chance to sing and dance but a chance to come together in celebration - goosebumps are certain as all of the children join together in song. We were delighted so many of our families came along to enjoy the experience.


I'm sure you'll agree three amazing activities and now all hands to the pump as we prepare for another amazing Harry Potter Book Night. Thursday 1st February once again heralds the transformation of Garswood Primary to Hogwarts Castle. As the theme this year is 'The Goblet of Fire' you can only begin to imagine what amazing activities will be revealed... See you on Thursday....Twit Twoooooo! 

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