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Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education)

What do Ofsted do?

We inspect and regulate to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages.The new Ofsted brings together the wide experience of four inspectorates to make a greater difference for every child, and for all young people and adult learners, in England. Their educational, economic and social well-being will promote our success as a country.
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Garswood Primary School was last inspected in October 2012.

Below is a link to the ofsted site and the full Ofsted report for Garswood Primary School.



Performance Tables

At Garswood Primary we are extremely proud of our children.  Each child works very hard to achieve the best they can.  This is reflected in the results of their KS2 SATs.  Over recent years we have appeared in The Guardian's list of Top 10 schools within St Helens based on the academic performance of our pupils.  Detailed below you will find the results of the most recent assessments which demonstrate how Garswood well exceeded national comparisons in all areas.

Results for 2016 are celebrated on a link that can be found on the Garswood tab on the top menu or by clicking this link.

% Achieving Level 4 or Above in Reading, Maths, Writing and GPS in 2015

Maths: 100%

Reading: 100%

Writing: 97%

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 100%


% Making Expected Progress in Reading, Writing and Maths in 2015

Maths: 97%

Reading: 100%

Writing: 100%

Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling is unable to be measured as this isn't tested at KS1 at present.


% Achieving Level 5 in Reading, Maths, Writing and GPS 2015

Level 5 is above the expected level of attainment for Primary aged pupils.

Maths: 56%

Reading: 88%

Writing: 68%

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 82%


Again last year we had some children achieve a Level 6 which is well exceeding the expected level at the end of primary school.

In maths 18% of children at Garswood achieved Level 6.

In writing 6% achieved Level 6 and in Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation 12% achieved Level 6.

Less than 1% nationally achieve a L6 in reading and this year we had one child achieve this high level. This equates to 3% L6 reading score at Garswood

Amazing achievements!


Performance tables are used to provide statistics about school, including test results and financial information.

Click here to view the Department for Education Performance Tables for Garswood Primary

They will be updated with 2015 results shortly.

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