Acorn Farm

Lesson: Understanding the World

Class: Nursery Year: 2017 - 2018

Nursery had a fantastic day at Acorn Farm.

We met chickens, ducks, meerkats, rabbits, pigs, horses, a bull, some calves, goats and sheep with their newborn lambs. Children enjoyed helping the farm staff to feed the animals, especially the goats who were very greedy.
We spent time in the petting area, meeting young hens, a rabbit and a gunea-pig. Our tour guide Alison encouraged the children to share their own knowledge and ask questions to help them further their understanding. 

Before returning to school we took advantage of the play area, even the staff joined in!

We finished our visit with some delicious home made ice-cream that had been produced on the farm.


"The cheeky pigeons kept stealing all the food off the chickens. I like the meerkats best 'cause they peek at us and they're so so cute. I want to go back again, can we go again tomorrow?" - Lucas

"I liked the pigs, the black ones. They were funny when they walked" - Freya

"I loved Acorn Farm. I had a great day, it was so cool!" - Evan

"I liked stroking the animals, they're so soft and cute. I liked it when we had dinner too. It was a really good trip day, thank you for letting us go. I loved it!" - Poppy

"The cheeky goat was funny. He kept licking my hand when I feeded him. It was so tickly and his tongue feeled like blu-tack" - Jacob


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