Fabulous forces

Lesson: Science

Class: Year 5 Year: 2018 - 2019

Y5 have had a great time investigating forces. We began our topic trying to feel forces during P.E. when practicing our javelin skills. We recognised that the wind was altering the distance of our javelins so we changed our direction. We later discovered that this was the air resistance pushing against our javelin.

Next we took part in a BBC science lesson investigating balanced forces. We planned and carried out an investigation to see if we could increase the speed of a toy car by using only straws and balloons. Y5 ensured that the test was fair by only changing one variable. We found out that the larger the force, the faster the car would go. We had great fun watching our cars to be powered by air!

Our next investigation was to design and make a parachute. The brief was to design three parachutes, only changing one variable in order to produce the slowest parachute. We found out that the larger the surface area of the parachute, the slower the parachute would land because the air resistance was hitting a larger surface. 

Our homework project was to find out about the scientist who discovered gravity. The class found out key facts and shared them with each other. 

We have certainly enjoyed our topic so far and have enjoyed experiencing the topic through other subjects too. 

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